No Cell Phones!
Cell phones can cause your artist lose his or her concentration.
Would you want it to happen while you’re in the chair?
Please be courteous to others.


No Cameras!
Taking pictures of copyrighted material is a felony.
We will prosecute.


No one under the age 16
The legal guardian of the minor must first come to the shop
and get a notary form or click HERE (this is the Florida Law).
The minor must have a picture I.D. with date of birth.
(I.D. must be government issued examples: DMV, passport,
school I.D. with birth certificate ).

Although we do take walk-ins, most work is done by appointment.
Our schedule fills up several days in advance so come in at the
beginning of your visit.We do not charge extra for custom designs,
but we do require a $20 non-refundable deposit when the appointment is made.
The $20 will be applied to your tattoo.


No direct sunlight, ocean or chlorinated water
on a new tattoo!

You will want to get your tattoo when you are finished with all sun
and water activities. If you have a new fresh ink addiction tattoo
then keep it out of direct sunlight and away from water.


No Drugs or Alcohol
No smoking, drugs or alcohol are allowed in our studio.
It is illegal for us to tattoo anyone under the influence and
we will refuse service if you are.


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