Liz‎ Armes‎ has‎ been‎ with‎ Ink‎ Addiction‎ since‎ 2012.‎ She‎ started‎ out‎ as‎ our‎ piercer‎ in‎ our‎ Stuart‎ shop,‎ and‎ Now‎ works‎ at‎ our‎ Jupiter‎ location‎ ,‎ as‎ a‎ full‎ time‎ Piercer‎ and‎ Tattoo‎ Artist.‎ 

Liz‎ has‎ been‎ piercing‎ for‎ 6‎ years‎ and‎ tattooing‎ for‎ 3‎ ,‎ She‎ apprenticed‎ under‎ Tom‎ Meyer‎ and‎ learned‎ to‎ tattoo‎ over‎ the‎ course‎ of‎ 6‎ ‎ years‎ to‎ tattoo‎ from‎ multiple‎ in‎ shop‎ artists‎ and‎ guest‎ artist,‎ picking‎ up‎ hints‎ and‎ tricks‎ along‎3 the‎ way.

She‎ was‎ born‎ and‎ raised‎ in‎ Florida‎ ,‎ a‎ Jupiter‎ local‎ .‎ She‎ grew‎ up‎ in‎ and‎ around‎ tattoo‎ shops‎ her‎ whole‎ life.‎ 

She‎ knows‎ all‎ the‎ ins‎ and‎ outs‎ of‎ piercings‎ ,‎ and‎ will‎ to‎ the‎ best‎ of‎ her‎ ability‎ to‎ give‎ the‎ best‎ piercing‎ she‎ can‎ ,‎ and‎ offers‎ any‎ and‎ all‎ help‎ you‎ may‎ need‎ during‎ or‎ after‎ the‎ piercing‎ is‎ healed.‎ 

Liz‎ has‎ her‎ own‎ style‎ and‎ loves‎ to‎ draw‎ custom‎ tattoos‎ for‎ people‎ ,‎ not‎ sticking‎ to‎ any‎ sort‎ of‎ genre.‎ 

She‎ works‎ Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 9‎,‎ 

Sundays‎ are‎ for‎ chillin.


Liz Armes Tattoo

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“Liz took my design and made it a reality. It came out better than I could have imagined and I love it! Thank you Liz! I will come see you again next time I visit!!!.”

Jackie T

“Love getting pierced here, Liz does such a great job and makes sure it’s quick and as painless as possible. All the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about what they do. Highly recommend this place for tattoos and piercings!”

Fallon M.

“On Vacation in Jupiter so i wanted to get matching Tattoos with my daughter i asked my cousin if she new a place she told me to go here and i loved it, best place i couldve went to, our tattoos came out amazing, Liz hope i have her name right was awesome!!! Highly recommend her!!!”

Johana G.