Sean Shadel, a 31 year old tattooer that has laying down ink since 2007.  Sean favorite style of work is American Traditional.

‎ Sean is a Florida native, and has spent his career as a tattoo artist in search of the perfect tattoo.  Sean strives for perfection in every tattoo that he does.

He loves meeting new people.‎

Whether you are looking for color or black and grey, Sean loves nothing more than laying down freshly baked tattoos and can’t wait to work with you.


Sean Shadel Tattoo

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“Sean is absolutely amazing! He just started on an outline for a side piece and has such an attention to detail that I admire. I plan on getting many more tattoos and finishing my side piece by Sean. He’s a super nice guy and so talented and fair priced. I will continue to suggest him to every person who is looking for a tattoo.”

Carrie T

“Sean did my tattoo and I must say I truly Love it. He was very patient,kind and thorough. The shop was very clean and the owner was just as nice they take pride in their work. I found the pricing to be reasonable for the quality.”

Kivaonna F.

“Sean finished up a piece on me tonight that im in love with it! He is very patient and attentive to detail! He takes so much pride in his work theres no way you wont be satisfied with his work.”

Alex M.