Ink Addiction Tattoo

Ink Addiction Tattoo Studio owner, Tom Meyer started his tattoo journey in 1989 in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  He was able to start his craft with the help of local tattooer Crazy Wayne.  After a little while working under Crazy Wayne, Tom opened a private studio in the Port St. Lucie Area.

In 1994, Tom and Michelle Meyer opened their first “street shop’ in Stuart, Florida.  Both Tom and Michelle worked their shop together, while also tattooing and piercing all over the USA about 15 times per year at the various tattoo conventions, motorcycle rallies and as guest artists at other tattoo shops.  In 1997, Tom and Michelle opening their second tattoo shop in the Jupiter, Florida location.

During the many years of conventions, Tom has been able to work with many, many of the top tattooers from the tattoo community in the USA and around the world.  To name only a few, Jack Rudy, Judy Parker, Patty Kelly, Horiryu, Horishion, Horihero, Paul Booth and the list goes on and on…..

Tom has spent time tattooing in Japan, and loves tattooing oriental styles as well as traditional American.

Fast forward to present day, Tom consolidated the 2 shops to the Jupiter location and has cut down on so much traveling to concentrate more on one on one tattoos at the Jupiter location, though Tom still tattoos at the Sturgis rally every year.  In the process of being on the road tattooing at conventions, Tom has won over 36 awards for his tattooing.

Tom continues his education in the field with courses on blood bourne pathogen causes and other tattoo related training.  Tom is also a member of the National Tattoo Association and is the former treasurer and current president of the Florida Professional Tattoo Artists Guild.

The Ink Addiction Tattoo shop in Jupiter is a modern, sterile and friendly place to get a tattoo or piercing.

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